About Toronto Freelance Writer, Nolan Wilson

If you are looking for high quality original content that is customized to your specific business goals then I am your guy.

What sets me apart from other freelance writers in Toronto

I pride myself in providing both professional and personalized services to each one of my clients.

I believe that collaboration is the key to success. I strive to work hand in hand with all of my clients on every project. I like to frequently stay in contact with my clients by sending them email updates, providing alternative scenarios and asking their opinions.

I strive to not only work with my clients, but educate them about effective writing, social media, and search engine optimization throughout the project.

My goal is to not only help clients achieve their business goals, but also help them have a deeper understanding about the tasks I am working on for their company. I want my clients to have the ability to be self sufficient once my services are complete.

I am more than happy to explain concepts, processes, tasks and ideas any time in person, on the phone, or through email correspondence.


I have a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Western Ontario. My studies in this area focused on information entrepreneurship, internet information services, marketing for information professionals, and Information enterprise management.

I also have a combined honors degree in Media, Information, & Technoculture, and Political Science, also from the University of Western Ontario. My studies in this area focused on writing, web design and usability, online content development, writing for the internet, marketing and public relations for information professionals, and Canadian politics.

Freelance writing experience

As an experienced Freelance copywriting in Toronto, I have participated in many different types of writing and SEO projects for companies that range from start up to large corporations in many different industries.

I am flexible in my skills and abilities to mange any content writing or SEO project. Here are just a few of the freelance writing, research, and SEO projects I have participated in:

  • Research analyst for a start up sales and marketing consulting firm
  • SEO article writer for an internet marketing company
  • Blog contributor for a major real estate company
  • Web search content evaluator for a major search engine consulting firm
  • Article marketer for companies in telecommunications, retail, entertainment, sustainable development, jewelry, and housing industries
  • Product description writer and SEO consultant for a start up online retailer
  • Social media and SEO manager in the transportation industry serving 10 franchise locations
  • SEO writer contributing to knowledge hubs for a major IT firm
  • SEO writer for a large telecommunications firm

Effective Writing and SEO

Effective writing and search engine optimization are similar in the sense that it is about taking the time to understand a client's business goals and objectives. There is no "one size fits all" SEO or writing strategy.

For every project that I undertake, I take the time to:

  • Listen to the specifics tasks that need to be accomplished for my clients to succeed.
  • Learn about their business and the industry they operate in.
  • Research my client's current situation. I want to understand where you are currently, what you want to improve, and what you are willing to do to get there.

Each project I accept is given the same level of work ethic, skill and determination to achieve the desired result. I pride myself in offering flexible work arrangements that are best suited for each client's specific situation and am more than willing to work around tight deadlines as they arise.

Feel free to view my online writing portfolio and writing and SEO services page. Keep in mind this is only a small sample of my repertoire, and additional writing pieces are available upon request. Nolan Wilson on Google+

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