20 Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer and Running a Home Based Business

bigstock-Typewriter-closeup-shot-conce-17177612The freelance lifestyle is a very attractive career choice, especially today where you can do almost any job from your home office. This is why more and more people are seriously considering freelancing. It is no longer just an option for writers and web designers. Now administrators, consultants, and many other small businesses are home based.

While it is challenging upfront and can be intimidating because of the fact that there is no guaranteed paycheck each week, the potential benefits and upside are significant.

Here is a small sample of the many benefits of being a freelance writer and running a home based business:

  1. Flexible working conditions
  2. Tax breaks
  3. You can freelance on the side while working full time
  4. A comfortable work environment
  5. You can live anywhere
  6. No commute
  7. You determine how much you  make and how many hours you work per week
  8. There is no typical work day
  9. You have the control over clients you work with
  10.  You are the boss and you set the agenda
  11. You can work whenever you want and where ever you want
  12. The coffee is free – But you will probably have to make it yourself
  13. You don’t have to make a lunch the night before – You can eat the leftovers from last night’s dinner
  14. You can develop multiple streams of income
  15. You can evolve and change your business direction
  16. You have not cap on your earning potential
  17. You have more time for family and friends – and you can make time if you need to
  18. You will learn a lot about yourself as a person and as a professional
  19. There are new opportunities every day
  20. The more successful your home based business is, the more money you will make

My personal favorite benefits of being a freelance writer include:

  • I can work in my PJs if I feel like it
  • I can plan lunch meetings with my friends during the week
  • I can take a long weekend when I want without needing to get approval
  • I can work 9-5, 10-6, or whatever hours make sense for the day
  • I can pursue other business opportunities and work on building my personal brand

What benefit of freelancing attracts you to this lifestyle? Is it the flexibility? Being your own boss? Your comments are always appreciated!

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