20 Ghoulish Website Content Writing Mistakes

Since it is Halloween, I thought I would give this post a little Halloween flavor. There is no doubt that there are some common (and ghoulish) mistakes that are made by small business owners all the time. We see them every single day and it is these mistakes that negatively impact your website traffic and ability your engage people with your content.

Don’t be a pumpkin head and avoid being a content development zombie by avoiding these frequent mistakes:

  1. Do your research
  2. Focus on quality and not quantity
  3. Proof read everything you write before you post it. And, proof read it again.
  4. Use keywords in all of the content you post on your site or blog
  5. Take advantage of themes, dates, and holidays to give your content some flavor
  6. Don’t post keyword stuffed crap – use keywords naturally within your content
  7. Create the content that your users want to read
  8. Engage your users. Ask questions and encourage them to comment
  9. Format your content so that it is web friendly
  10. Create strong and engaging headlines
  11. Brush up on your spelling and grammar
  12. Get to the point!
  13. Create fresh content on a regular basis
  14. Use some variety and be creative
  15. Don’t be afraid to ruffle some feathers
  16. Have a plan
  17. Take calculated risks
  18. Don’t duplicate your content – write original posts every time
  19. Refine your focus
  20. Take the lead – don’t just follow what your competitors are doing
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