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6 More Tips for Writing Your Own Content

It’s easy to write content for your blog or website, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do it well. Sure, anyone can sit down and pound out a blog post on how to unclog a drain or the … Continue reading

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6 Steps to Write Your Own Content Effectively

Anyone can be a writer! Often, the hardest thing about writing your own content is just getting started. It’s easy to procrastinate by making another cup of coffee, running to the grocery store, or taking the dog out. Some procrastination … Continue reading

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How Self-Published Authors Utilize Social Media

It isn’t easy being an author in today’s day and age. Print media is dying, and writers are having to adapt. Which means going digital, offering both opportunities and obstacles in the process. On the good end you have every … Continue reading

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The Importance of Good Website Design

With well over 90 percent of first impressions being design-related, you need good web design Do you want a website that rakes in the sales while you are outside raking the leaves? Then you need to pay more attention to … Continue reading

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