5 Ways to Improve your Business Blog

BlogImproving your business blog is more than just becoming a better writer. While improving your writing skills is important, it is not the only factor that leads to a successful blog. Creating a great blog takes time, effort, planning, and dedication. It also requires you to have a good direction and an in depth understanding of the type of content you need to create in order to engage the people that read your posts.

Here are 5 important factors that will help you improve your business blog:

Understand your audience

Before you write anything, you need to understand the audience you are writing for. What kind of information do your readers want? Do they want information about your products and services? Do they want the latest news about your industry? Do they want tips for how to perform certain tasks? Do they want to read reviews? Do they want general or specific information? Are their certain topics they prefer to read about?

Answer the questions your clients are asking you

One very effective way to engage your readers is to answer common questions that you receive from your customers. There is a reason they are asking these questions. So, why not give them the information they want.

Add value in each post

As a business you always need to be adding value. Forget about trying to advertise your products and services for a minute and focus on offering value in your blog posts. Educate your customers about a specific process or provide them with some free advice. Often real life stories and examples add significant value and help to engage readers.

Be Social

Once your post goes live on your blog you’re not done. Don’t forget to be social and share it with all of your online networks. Post it on your Twitter account, add it to your Facebook and Google Plus page and share it with your connections on LinkedIn. This will help to create more visibility for your post. It also increases the chances of other people sharing the post in their social circles as well.

Reply to Comments

One of the biggest things that small businesses are guilty of is completely ignoring the comments section on their blog. I bet there are some of you that have never even read any of the comments.

While you will undoubtedly receive your fair share of spam, there are people that actually want to engage in the conversation about your post. Try to reply to comments so you can keep the conversation going with your readers. You never know, this could be action that turns a prospect into a customer.

What do you think? What advice would you recommend to people looking to improve their business blog?

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