7 Tips to Create Google Penguin Approved Content

With the most recent set of updates, Google has changed the game once again. With each update they are continuing the trend toward eliminating blatant SEO keyword utilization and over optimization. Therefore, websites need to be careful about how they use keywords within the content of their site.

Being keyword heavy could result in a penalty and a loss of position in search rankings. So, now more than ever, companies need to rely on generating high quality content first, and worry about optimization second.

Here are some tips to ensure that you are generating high quality content that Google wants to see:

  • Create engaging content: Focus on creating content that will engage your users. Give them something that they actually want to read and will learn something from.
  • Make it share worthy: Google is placing more emphasis on content that is “share worthy” When creating your content ask yourself, “Would I share this with other users if I saw this content on another website?”
  • NEVER force keywords: They should appear naturally within your content.
  • Don’t be awkward: Don’t use awkward or grammatically incorrect keywords or phrases. They lower the quality of your content. Use modified terms if they are a more natural choice
  • Use keywords sparingly: Rather than worrying about having a specific keyword density, include keywords when appropriate.
  • Focus on value: Give people value. Therefore, you need to focus more on content that will drive traffic to your website such as hot button issues and current news
  • You can still use keywords: While the blatant use of keywords should be avoided, you should still use keywords on your website and within your content, however, they need to appear as a natural part of the content. Include them as they occur naturally when you write.

Get out your fingers and start pounding on the keyboard and create unique and original content that has a natural flow and a sprinkling of keywords!

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