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A large portion of the freelance writing I do for my clients involves writing website
content. There is no doubting the importance of high quality website content,
especially in wake of the Google Panda updates and the continuous tweaks Google
is making to its search algorithm.

I believe that website content and SEO are not separate entities. For a website to be
effective, and have visibility in search engines, effective and diligent
keyword research must be performed and applied to any content that is going to
appear online.

Keywords and keyword phrases are an essential part of any website. However, overuse of
keywords is not advisable. I believe it is more important to have website
content that flows naturally and includes keywords, rather than forcing awkward
phrases into content for SEO purposes. Yes, keyword phrases need to be included
in content, but not at the cost of quality and relevance.

In terms of website content structure, I am a firm believer in breaking down content
into smaller sections, paragraphs and lists. No one wants to read huge blocks
of text. Besides, most people only scan content for relevant information. They
do not read everything on the page.

Website content also must speak to a specific audience. Depending on the type of users
for a particular site, the wording will vary. I am a firm believer in writing
website content that could be understood by your educated user. This will
ensure that everyone that visits a webpage will be able to understand it

too “high brow” and using complicated terminology
and industry jargon will automatically eliminate your pages relevance for users
that are not at that level.

In short, high quality original web content that is well researched, includes keywords
phrases, speaks to a wide audience, and takes SEO into account is necessary to
create effective web content.

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