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How Kijiji Helped Me Build My Business

So, a local television station is running a contest in conjunction with Kijiji asking people to submit their stories about how Kijiji help give them a fresh start. Considering that Kijiji plays a large role in how I built my … Continue reading

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Why All Businesses Should Be Blogging

There is a reason why blogging has exploded. Because blogging works! However, there are still many companies, both large and small, that think that a blogging strategy is still either not worth the effort or is not the right fit for … Continue reading

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Looking for a New Way to Get Exposure Online? Try Ezine

If you are looking for a new strategy to not only build your online profile, but also generate back links to your website or blog, then you should consider Ezine Articles. The site generates millions of page views per month … Continue reading

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A Quick Video about Generating Some Ideas for your Next Blog Post

Check out this quick video about generating ideas for your next blog post

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Is your pen out of ink? Ways for generating content ideas for your website

If you have not heard by now that generating high quality and original content for your website is important that you probably don’t have a website, or read this blog on a regular basis. While developing content is not a … Continue reading

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A Cool Video about Google + for Business

Check out this video. It provides a great explanation about if businesses should create a Google + account and how businesses can utilze Google + More WebProNews Videos

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Your Clients are Googling You: Do You Know What They Are Finding Out About You?

If you are serious about developing a career as a freelancer then you have to mine your online image. The truth is that every time you reply to a job posting or create a profile on a freelance site you can … Continue reading

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Website Content Versatility

High quality content is like gold. Its role is to not only help you increased your ranking in search engines, such as Google, but also engage and inform website visitors. In this sense, it is the backbone of many websites … Continue reading

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SEO, Unique Content, and Copyscape

We all know that the majority of recent changes to the Google search algorithm have to do with weeding out sites with low value duplicate content. While the target of many of these algorithm tweaks is content farms, many websites, … Continue reading

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The New Facebook: Timeline and New Features

So, I am in the middle of watching the live feed of Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about the new changes to Facebook at F8. I can’t wait to here all the complaints about the changes, but remember this: Facebook is free and … Continue reading

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