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Article marketing is a great strategy to help build your brand and establish your company as an authority within your industry. That is, if you do it right of course!

The truth is that many people fail to see the value of article marketing beyond its ability to generate a large number of back links. Content is often compromised and many users get turned off as a result.

People will not  click on your links if your content is poor!

Its pretty simple. If your article doesn’t convince users that you are a valuable resource, they will not visit your site. This is why many of the automatic article marketing software programs are ineffective. They are not targeted and the content, in most cases, is less than adequate.  

Therefore, take the time to create informative and useful articles that will actually help your users in some way.

Offer content such as:

  • Common mistakes
  • Tips for success
  • Steps for success
  • Words of advice
  • FAQ‘s

Article marketing is more than just a link building strategy. It is about creating value for users by providing them with information they can actually use.





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