How Self-Published Authors Utilize Social Media

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It isn’t easy being an author in today’s day and age. Print media is dying, and writers are having to adapt. Which means going digital, offering both opportunities and obstacles in the process. On the good end you have every ability to publish your own content now without the difficulties of finding a publisher. But on the other hand you have to set yourself apart on a platform that is open to literally billions of people.

Social media is an important tool in this quest for visibility. But how do you use it as a self-publisher when everyone else is using it, too? Here are some tips on how to properly utilize it, and carve out your own little place on the web.

Give It a Hashtag

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Ah, is one of the most open social networks out there. Made to connect people entirely, the option to make tweets private is rarely utilize as it goes against the very purpose of microblogging. You can really use the live update feature and search algorithm for your own benefit when it comes to getting the word out about a project. Just dedicate a hashtag to your book and use it to spread awareness. Or use it for a Tweetchat during its launch. Hashtags are such an excellent way to get the conversation going.

Pay With a Like/Tweet

More and more people are offering their ebooks (at least in the beginning) for the “cost” of a like or tweet. There are plugins on WordPress that allow you to easily do this, though you can find other tools elsewhere. Not only does this give people easy access to your ebook to hopefully get reviews, but it is a super easy way to get others to relink to the book on social media sites. While it isn’t the greatest tactic for the long term, it will give you an easy boost of visibility right at the beginning, which is when you are going to need it the very most.

Hold a Twitter Chat

Twitter Chat

It was mentioned above that you can use a hashtag to conduct a Twitter chat. I wanted to expand on that a bit more. Twitter chats, or Tweetchats, are done by using a single hashtag with multiple people to group the comments altogether. It forms a single conversation across Twitter, allowing you to reply back to one another or speak in a more general way. You simple set up an itinerary with chosen topics or questions, field a Q&A session with users, hold an interview or do anything else you might be interested in.

Join Pinterest

You might not think of Pinterest as a social network for ebook promotion. But all you need is a good stock photo and you can link it directly to your site. You would be amazed by how many views you will gain from this method, as pins have a tendency to pass around the site very quickly when you have a professional looking photo and a decent description in the image itself. That is an important element to remember; text over the image is the only way the context will stay consistent, as people will change their own descriptions on the pin itself, and who knows what it will end up being by the time it goes through ten or twenty or a hundred people.

Post Segments


A great way to spark interest in your book is posting a couple of snippets from it on your Facebook page with a link. Or a quick couple of paragraphs on your blog now an again. It shows the content and what you will be saying in the book, and gives them an idea of your writing style. It also leaves them wanting more.

Host a Giveaway

Want to build up hype? In the weeks leading up to the official release, offer a couple of pre-release copies to people on your social networks, or through affiliate sites. Have a related blog you like? Contact the site owner and ask them if you gave a number of copies if they would mind hosting a giveaway themselves.

Have a tip for self-published authors? Let us know in the comments.

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By Jessy Troy

Jessy Troy is an hobbyist book author and professional blogger. You can see me tweet as @JessyTroy

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