Interview with Rand Fishkin, the Wizard of Moz

Rand Fishkin, Moz Blog

Every single industry would have a father figure, an industry leader that everyone looks up to.

We had Steve Jobs for design and computing. We have Bill Gates for software. We have Elon Musk for technology and energy.

And we have Rand Fishkin for online marketing.

Rand’s story is rather inspiring- starting out in the online tech scene in the early 2000s at the very beginning of the online marketing scene, switching to SaaS, and persevering until he had built out the most well known search software company on the planet, Moz. Today Rand is the most well known internet marketing influencer with a following larger than entire well known brands.

Today, the Moz blog is one of the most visited and well known online marketing blogs in the world providing a wealth of info on inbound marketing, SEO, content, paid search and almost every single area of online marketing you can think of.

I highly recommend that you check out the Moz blog if you don’t frequent it already.

He was also one of the first marketers to coin out ‘inbound marketing’, the marketing discipline that has since come to redefine how people market their brands online.

Thanks to Rand and his peers (the HubSpot folks), we have a booming market with more brands realizing the value of gaining online exposure, and content and inbound marketing.

Now: getting to the point, the folks over at TechWyse were sure that Rand would have a wealth of information to share- even beyond what he did through his regular Whiteboard Fridays, so they tried reaching out to him for an interview.

He often talks about how he sees and reads every single email he gets, (which would obviously be in the hundreds), and he was kind enough to set aside some time to answer their questions.

You can read the interview with Rand Fishkin here.

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