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Social Rank and SEO

Social ranking is quickly becoming a very important part of SEO. So, for all of you companies that have yet to get on the social media train, you may want to reconsider. Both Google and Bing have openly admitted that social media ranking factors (i.e. Like and Re-tweets) are a factor in search ranking.

Therefore, your activity level and influence on Facebook and Twitter does impact your ability to rank for certain keywords and related pages. While Google and Bing are only scratching the surface of the impact social ranking will have on SERP’s, now is the time to start factoring in your social media use and presence.

Both Google and Bing claim that your Twitter presence can impact how a page ranks. Just like authoritative pages lend legitimacy to other pages, authoritative twitter users can legitimate pages that they tweet or link to. Google also factors in Facebook page popularity as well.

What does this mean?

Social rankings are a very good indicator of what internet users think to be the most important pages. It is a human indicator of what search engines should consider important. The more “likes” or Re-tweets a page gets legitimize it content and authority for a given topic.

Therefore, look forward to huge developments in social rankings and its impact on search results.

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