Monthly Content Round Up: Select Articles, Blog Posts, and SEO Writing Projects from January 2014

Nolan Wilson Freelance, Freelance Writer

January is commonly the month where companies get their content strategies in order for the coming year. It is also the time of the year when New Year’s Resolutions are made (and broken).

This January was a particularly busy one for me I had the opportunity to work on a few new freelance SEO writing and have a number of new opportunities to look forward to in the coming months.

Just in case you missed my posts this month, the following is a summary of select articles, blog posts, and other writing projects that I was busy with this past month.

Guest Posts

Here is the latest from my monthly guest post column called Writing About Blogging With Nolan Wilson on Benchmark Email:

Content Planning for Small Businesses in 2014

Blog Posts

Does Writing for SEO Still Exist? Yes or No

Modern SEO Techniques: 2 Tips You Cannot Overlook

New Content and Writing Formats to Try in 2014

Nolan Wilson Freelance Writing Blog: The Best 13 of 2013

As always, thank you for reading this month!

Author Bio

Nolan Wilson is a Freelance Copywriter in Toronto that specializes in SEO writing and blogging. He has a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science and is a professional member of the PWAC. Connect with him on Google + and Twitter

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