More Changes Looming for Facebook

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If you haven’t heard, Facebook will be making some changes to its fan pages. If you have a fan page, then you have probably seen the beta version Facebook set up for you to take a look at. Either way, As of March 10, 2011 your fan page will be changed to the new format.

After taking the tour Facebook provided, I have to say that the new layout looks very similar to your personal Facebook page layout.

The thing that was most interesting to me is that is seems that there is less emphasis on the tabs and apps that are available for fan pages. Being moved from a very visible spot across the top of the page to a left side navigation style list seems to take away from a visitor’s ability to find and interact with them. For example, I used one of the tabs for my blog. Now instead of people seeing it instantly, they will have to look around the site to find it – which potentially takes away from the tabs effectiveness as a portal to my blog.

Many people have put a lot of effort into customizing their tabs and FBML pages. It seems weird to me that Facebook would make these less prominent.

Facebook claims that the new layout will bring better communication, more opportunities for expression, and improve relevancy. To be honest, the only benefit I see is being about to interact in other areas of Facebook as my page. However, it would be good if I could somehow import my other Facebook friends to my fan page profile.

The images across the top are new as well. However, unless you are a photographer or graphic designer, they don’t really serve much of a purpose besides displaying your company logo.

If you log onto the update page, there are many people who are not too impressed with the new layout and have issues with many of the new features. But, just like any new application, Facebook will have to work out the bugs and refine the new fan page layout so its users can enjoy all of its new features.

So, looks like a new engagement strategy is in store for the new layout

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