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Do Your Homework! Know your business and optimize your content

If you are a business that wants to use the internet as a means to get attract new clients, there is no sense publishing anything online that is not optimized.  Don’t change your website or update your pages because it will be a waste of time. With so much competition online, you will simply drown is the pool of page rankings, regardless of the amount of content you add to your site.

Before you embark on any kind of content development (web pages, articles, blogs, press releases, social media) you need to know your business. Obviously, you know what your business is in a traditional sense, but your website and company’s online presence is a completely different beast.

How do you do this?

Keyword research!

  • Check your web logs and analyze how people are finding your website.
  • Brainstorm and come up with some common terms or keywords that you think best represent your business. What words to you use to describe your business and its products/services?
  • Perform some initial keyword research. Use Google Adwords and other free keywords tools to uncover the search volume and competitiveness of the terms you have selected.
  • Look at your competitor websites. Do you notice any trends, common keywords?
  • Take this information and come develop a list of the best terms that you think your clients will use to find your website.

Obviously this is a very brief and general overview, but it is a good start to get less tech savvy business owners on the right track.

Implementing keyword into your content can do your site wonders! Even if you have targeted highly competitive terms. As always, allow for some time to pass, and if you have done your homework and selected good keywords, you should see an increase in your web traffic.

Always use keywords on your website, in articles and blogs. And, if you want to give your business that added push, use your keyword on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Now more than ever, you have to know your business and how it functions in an online environment. If you put in the work, your business can prosper online.

When it comes to your website, you cannot just set it and forget it!

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