Proof that Article Marketing Will Increase Web Traffic

Article marketing will increase the amount of traffic on your website!

After implementing an article marketing strategy while working with The James and Valentine Company for one of our clients, Domus Student Housing, we saw an increase in web traffic of more than 500%!!!

Don’t believe me? Here is the Analytics screenshot:

How did we achieve these results?

By implementing an Article Marketing strategy

How do we know that it was our article marketing efforts that increased the site’s traffic?

We did not change anything else on the site.

Here is how we did it:

  1. We conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify the most relevant keywords for the student housing industry.
  2. We developed a series of articles titled “Student Housing 101” and posted the articles on the Domus student housing website.
  3. We developed a series of articles to compliment the content we added to the website and posted these articles on three article directories.

Why Post on article directories?

  • Each article that is posted on an article directory generates a backlink 
  • The article exposed Domus to an entirely new audience and potential clients
  • The articles help to establish Domus as an authority and industry leader in their industry.

So there you have it! When put into practice, article marketing is an effect organic SEO strategy that can be employed to help increase the traffic on your website.

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2 Responses to Proof that Article Marketing Will Increase Web Traffic

  1. Caleb Plachta says:

    Is there a natural increase/progression in website hits over a period of time? I noticed that your graph was over a one year period of time and was wondering if there were any other factors that might influence the increase in hits?

    • nolanwilson says:

      The steady increase in website hits is attributed to overall business growth, and the spike at the end of the graph is directly correlated to the implemention of the article marketing program. Thanks for the comment!

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