Strategies for Social Media and Email Integration – Part 3


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Before implementing an email campaign, companies should examine their current email lists and understand which buyers are:

  • The most profitable
  • The most engaged
  • Opening your emails

Use this information to focus user lists. Ensure there is a purpose and context for each communication:

  • Be engaging. Provide information that is worth sharing.
  • Use email to start conversations and not just provide information.
  • Interact with buyers. Listen to what they have to say, respond to comments, and evoke discussion.
  • Use the right social media application.

When integrating social media with email campaigns companies need to:

  • Consider developing an action plan for the email campaign. Be specific with what users are to be reached, what social media is to be used, the message and conversation that is to be created, and a timeline to conduct the campaign.
  • Ensure the e-mail message contains standard tracking devices to measure results. If the campaign is not measured there is no way to determine it effect.
  • Ensure the email marketing application used has a “publish to social media” option. If this option is not available, create messages and post them on the targeted social media forums.
  • Review the e-mail marketing application’s message composition capabilities to

determine if it can enable social sharing. If not, companies will have to include this feature in the body of their email messages.

Integrated e-mail marketing campaigns are an effective way to reach users through social media. They expand a company’s presence and are a cost-effective tool to engage and collaborate with a targeted group of users.

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