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A Look into the life of a Freelance Writer: 10 things most people don’t know about the freelance lifestyle

  While there is no doubt that I love what I do, sometimes I dread getting ask what I do for a living. Why? Because after I finish explaining what a freelancer is and the type of tasks I do … Continue reading

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How Self-Published Authors Utilize Social Media

It isn’t easy being an author in today’s day and age. Print media is dying, and writers are having to adapt. Which means going digital, offering both opportunities and obstacles in the process. On the good end you have every … Continue reading

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The Importance of Music for Freelance Writers – The Top 10 Artists I Listen To While Working

This week I decided to write about something that is a lighter subject – The importance of music for freelance writers. There is no doubt that every writer or freelance professional approaches work in a different way. They work different … Continue reading

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August Content Round Up: Select Articles, Blogs, and Writing Projects from August

As a freelance writer, I am immersed in a wide variety of writing projects each month. Some are specifically for clients and others are meant to provide information about writing best practices. New this month, I will be posting a … Continue reading

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Obtaining an Online Degree in Writing: Why a Solid Educational Background Will Help you be a Successful Writer

The internet has changed everything. It has changed the way we communicate, interact and the way we do business, especially when it comes to writers. While the internet has opened the door for writers and made it easier for them … Continue reading

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Your Clients are Googling You: Do You Know What They Are Finding Out About You?

If you are serious about developing a career as a freelancer then you have to mine your online image. The truth is that every time you reply to a job posting or create a profile on a freelance site you can … Continue reading

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Do Article Marketing The Right Way

Article marketing is a great strategy to help build your brand and establish your company as an authority within your industry. That is, if you do it right of course! The truth is that many people fail to see the value … Continue reading

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Mindful Writing

Is there a connection between writing and being in the moment or having presence? This question came to light recently while reading Sacred Hoops by legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson. The book explores Jackson’s philosophy about being in the moment (or … Continue reading

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