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Google Panda 4.2: What We Know So Far

Google just released Panda 4.2 a few months ago on July 18, 2015 and the rollouts will take awhile. The update came ten months after the release of Google Panda 4.1. Here’s what we know so far about the Panda … Continue reading

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How To Manage Web Content Effectively

Creating a website is extremely easy these days. You sign up for a service, get a host, and just start building. There are step by step tools that can help even the most inexperience wannabe webmaster put together a professional … Continue reading

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Don’t Give up on Google+ Just Yet: Why it Needs to be Part of Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Ask any online marketer what they think about Google+, and most of them will probably roll their eyes and sigh. While it’s true that some brands have great success on Google+, most marketers struggle to get their G+ campaigns off … Continue reading

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Four Simple Reasons Why You Should Complete an On-Site SEO Audit

Reviewing your website for search engine optimization (SEO) can be time consuming and costly. SEO is always evolving as search engines update their algorithms. What used to be best practice is now frowned upon, and unless you perform a regular … Continue reading

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Your Clients are Googling You: Do You Know What They Are Finding Out About You?

If you are serious about developing a career as a freelancer then you have to mine your online image. The truth is that every time you reply to a job posting or create a profile on a freelance site you can … Continue reading

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SEO, Unique Content, and Copyscape

We all know that the majority of recent changes to the Google search algorithm have to do with weeding out sites with low value duplicate content. While the target of many of these algorithm tweaks is content farms, many websites, … Continue reading

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The New Facebook: Timeline and New Features

So, I am in the middle of watching the live feed of Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about the new changes to Facebook at F8. I can’t wait to here all the complaints about the changes, but remember this: Facebook is free and … Continue reading

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The Importance of Blogging Consistently

If you are like me, one of the first things that gets sacrificed when things get busy is your social media interaction, and more importantly, blog posting. Since blogging takes up more of your time than other social media interactions … Continue reading

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A look into my knowledge base

Being that I have a background in Library Science, I definitely have a love for books. However, sometimes I am not sure if my passion is more for collecting and categorizing them rather than reading them. I continue to acquire … Continue reading

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Other Ways to get Business Online

I know it has been a while since by last post. However, there is a good reason for this. First, I have been working on my new website design. And second, I have been extremely busy working on project for … Continue reading

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