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A look into my knowledge base

Being that I have a background in Library Science, I definitely have a love for books. However, sometimes I am not sure if my passion is more for collecting and categorizing them rather than reading them. I continue to acquire … Continue reading

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Strategies for Social Media and Email Integration – Part 3

Before implementing an email campaign, companies should examine their current email lists and understand which buyers are: The most profitable The most engaged Opening your emails Use this information to focus user lists. Ensure there is a purpose and context … Continue reading

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Optimize Your Online Business with Keyword Research

Do Your Homework! Know your business and optimize your content If you are a business that wants to use the internet as a means to get attract new clients, there is no sense publishing anything online that is not optimized.  … Continue reading

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Search Engines, SEO and Ethics: The Need For Disclosure – Part 7

Final Thoughts about SEO and Ethics    New information technologies have a tremendous impact on internet users and the information they seek through search engines. Search engine results are affected internally by ranking and indexing algorithms and externally by SEO … Continue reading

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