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The Power of Building Links in 2016 and Beyond (Infographic)

The internet is connected like a giant spiderweb. Each path is built using links from one page to another. It’s how search engine spiders crawl the web, and it’s how users discover new content. Links are important, and they always … Continue reading

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How much content do I need to add to my website?

A large number of my clients often ask me about how much content they need to add to their website. While they understand what their website needs in terms of the basic content that appears on all sites (i.e. Home, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to Use SEO Link Building Services Effectively

Well, let’s face it – a webpage without an effective link-building strategy is just a big no-no for anyone serious about expanding their online presence. The goal of investing in link building services is to get a better ranking among … Continue reading

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How To Manage Web Content Effectively

Creating a website is extremely easy these days. You sign up for a service, get a host, and just start building. There are step by step tools that can help even the most inexperience wannabe webmaster put together a professional … Continue reading

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Don’t Give up on Google+ Just Yet: Why it Needs to be Part of Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Ask any online marketer what they think about Google+, and most of them will probably roll their eyes and sigh. While it’s true that some brands have great success on Google+, most marketers struggle to get their G+ campaigns off … Continue reading

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7 More SEO Tips No Business Can Overlook

Last week we gave you seven great SEO strategies that have withstood the test of time – and changing algorithms. Google evaluates your website against more than 200 factors before it shows your link (or not) on organic search results, … Continue reading

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Your Small Business Needs a Blog – Start One!!!

As a small business owner, you probably don’t have a lot of free time, and the last thing you want to do is add another task to your to-do list. Starting a blog may seem like a nuisance, but without … Continue reading

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5 Blogging Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Search Ranking

Blogging is an important aspect of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Not only does it give your audience interesting, relevant content, but it can also improve your website’s search ranking. After all, content is king, right? Google’s algorithm is … Continue reading

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Four Simple Reasons Why You Should Complete an On-Site SEO Audit

Reviewing your website for search engine optimization (SEO) can be time consuming and costly. SEO is always evolving as search engines update their algorithms. What used to be best practice is now frowned upon, and unless you perform a regular … Continue reading

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6 Common Questions Small Businesses Ask Freelance Writers about Blogging

As a freelance writer in Toronto, I get my fair share of questions from potential clients about writing, blogging, search engine optimization, and inbound marketing. While many questions are specific to each client’s needs and situation, there are a number … Continue reading

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