The Importance of Blogging Consistently

If you are like me, one of the first things that gets sacrificed when things get busy is your social media interaction, and more importantly, blog posting.

Since blogging takes up more of your time than other social media interactions such as “liking” a post and browsing Twitter and Facebook, it often is the last thing on the to do list.

However, blogging plays a large role in maintaining your overall online presence. Blogs have more value in the sense that in addition to creating high quality contnet that will be picked up by search engines, blog posts also can be more engaging than a simple status update.

Blog posts can create a buzz through comments, conversations, shares, likes, and it ability to generate more followers.

The truth is that while many people blog weekly or a few times per month, it is not enough. Top bloggers and those who constantly are building their base of followers

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