The SECRET to Creative Blog Marketing


You’ve been assigned with coming up with a new way to market your blog, increase viewership, and attractive new leads that will ensure your company meet its sales targets.

But, for some reason you just can’t seem to come up with anything new. You are drawing a blank, sitting there doodling on a blank piece of paper. Why is it so hard to come up with new ideas?

Makes you want to just band your head against the wall doesn’t it?

What happens when you exhaust your initial list of marketing ideas? What happens when the analytics become stagnant?

You can’t rely on the same tactics and strategies forever. However, companies still approach things in a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality.

It’s time to stop dicking around with analytics when your website looks like it’s from the 1990s and your blog is full of generic content solely developed to give you an SEO boost.

This stagnant approach to marketing your blog is perhaps why so many companies are struggling with a key factor in marketing – Creativity.

Creativity is a key component in any successful blog marketing campaign. This is why it’s important to put time and effort into creating great ideas.

What companies need to understand is that marketing is still, and will remain, a creative business. It’s not just about the analytics and following a specific pre-defined process. Creative campaigns are the ones we hear about most often. They are the campaigns that go viral and get customers’ attention.

Why? They do things differently. They try new things. They get creative with how they market, design and write content on their blog.

Where most companies fall short is not with the marketing basics; it’s the lack of structure and understanding of how to design creative campaigns. They rely too much on what worked in the past when they should be focusing on what they can do next to innovate and leave their mark on their industry.

So, how can you make your marketing more creative? How can you attract more eyes to your brand? What is the secret to creativity in marketing?

THE SECRET: It’s about focusing on usefulness

According to Charles Vallance, co-founder and chairman of VCCP, the secret lies in the usefulness of an ad, campaign, content or promotional material.

If something is not useful (from your customer’s perspective), you can’t expect them to be interested in what your brand has to say.

Vallance uses three questions to assess the usefulness of a creative idea for marketing:

  1. Is the idea entertaining?

Can you say with confidence that your idea would entertain your customers? People want to enjoy their interactions with your brand – be it online, through print, or in person, making an entertaining idea a core consideration. Boring or generic brands are always passed over for more entertaining ones. Give your customers something to talk about.

  1. Does the idea simplify things?

Simplifying things is one of the most difficult things to do. Most marketing campaigns are over-complicated and companies tend to overthink an idea, concept or campaign.

Your customers want you to get straight to the point, and this is why you need to keep things simple or you risk losing them. Forget about jargon and high-brow language. Focus on creating content that:

  • Solves a problem
  • Answers a question
  • Provides direction
  • Makes things easier for your customers

Don’t make your customers think – you only have a fraction of a second to grab their attention. Make that fraction of a second count.

  1. Does the idea communicate something new or of value?

If your customers have heard it before, they will move on to the next place. People are always looking for something new and informative, and this is what will get their attention. In an age where people are exposed to thousands of marketing messages and types of information, your brand can stand out when you offer up something new or valuable.

Don’t forget about traditional marketing

Companies shouldn’t eliminate print and other traditional means to promote products. Traditional marketing is still very effective (when done right) to help:

  • Drive traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Target specific audiences
  • Create branding opportunities
  • Enhance social media and online campaigns

Again, you need to take a creative and proactive approach to how and when you will use print ads and other traditional marketing strategies.

Print is still a part of an overall campaign. You just need to do it the right way. Design something that is creative and useful for your customers.




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