Using Social Media to Enhance Email Marketing Campaigns Part 1


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 Social media is continuously expanding its capabilities and adaptability to current sales and marketing tools. Companies are increasingly planning integrated social media and email marketing campaigns that are inexpensive and yield effective results.

 Marrying E-mail and Social Media

 As social media applications expand their capabilities become more prominent, companies are finding new ways to integrate social media with current sales and marketing objectives.

One such method, integrating social media applications with e-mail marketing initiatives has become an effective and relatively inexpensive method to expand current email campaigns. The merger of these two initiatives has made it possible for email recipients to share important emails through various social media platforms rather than through traditional email forwarding.

This use of social media has yet to catch on as less than 15% of email marketers are currently integrating social media into their campaigns. However, more than half of email marketers plan to integrate social media into their campaigns within the next year.  

Social Media Applications used to Integrate Email Marketing

Email is quickly becoming known as “something that old people do.” There is truth to this statement as an increased number of people are now posting emails on their social media pages rather than forwarding emails to their colleagues. This change in how people use email has created the opportunity for companies to connect and interact with consumers in a new way through:

Social networking sites: Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are ideal for email sharing as they can quickly facilitate information sharing among users. Companies can also target specific users groups within these online communities.

Social tagging sites: These site allow individuals to bookmark, categorize, and share links and within their networks.

Social news sites: Leading news sites such as Digg allow users to record comments on articles, documents and other resources.

Check back for Part 2 of this 3 part series: The Benefits of Integrating Social Media and Email

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