Why you should get a dog if you run a home based business

JiminyHaving a home based business is a wonderful experience, but sometimes it can be a little lonely. Many small business owners spend their days working alone. And, over time this can begin to wear on people. However, there is one easy solution to this situation. Get a dog!

Dogs are man’s best friend, right? But, did you know they are also the perfect employee for a home based business.

Think about it for a minute….


  • They are Instant security and will let you know when anyone is even remotely close to your home.
  • They will greet you at the door when you get home and provide you with an update about what has occurred while you were out.
  • They will gladly tell you when the mail has arrived (And, they are also great at ripping bills to shreds!)
  • You will always have someone to eat lunch with every day
  • They will happily listen to you rant and rave about everything and anything without judging you
  • They are the perfect stress reliever during a busy day. Just one look from your pup and you will instantly forget what you were stressed about in the first place.
  • They help you break up the day by telling you when it’s time to go outside and get some fresh air
  • There will be fewer neighborhood cats hanging around your yard

As you can see, there is really nothing negative about adding a dog to your staff. They are loyal employees and might be just what you need to get rid of cabin fever during those long days spent working at home.


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