Does Writing for SEO Still Exist? Yes and No

Google and SEO StrategyWe hear a lot written these days about the death of SEO. Some people think that SEO as we know it is dead whereas others believe that SEO has changed and made the shift to content marketing. Which approach is right? I would argue they both are – SEO has changed significantly and now has taken on a content marketing approach.

Gone are the days of including your keyword 10 times in 500 words and making sure you have a 3-5% keyword density. But, there are still many SEO elements (headers, title tags, internal linking, and anchor text) that all play a large role in your search ranking. Add in the importance of social media and having a solid content development plan for creating high quality content that your users are looking for and you essentially have content marketing.

What SEO is Now

Whether you want to call it SEO, content marketing, or whatever buzz word is gaining traction today, it all refers to the same thing – the new way SEO is done in 2014.

Here is how businesses need to approach writing content for their website and blogs:

  • Write normally: Forget about using awkward keywords and keyword phrases in your content. Just write normally without thinking about where and how often to use keywords. Try writing as you speak to create an engaging and conversational tone.
  • Write what your customers and users want: Forget about trying to write for search engines. Focus on writing great content that your customers are looking for. When you do this, they will engage your readers online and they will be more willing to visit your website in the future.
  • Pick your spots to use keywords: Keyword use has changed. It is important to pick your spots and know when keyword use will be natural and effective. Don’t force keywords into your content.
  • On page optimization: On page optimization is still very relevant and important. However, today it is more about avoiding over optimizing and focusing on the key elements of on page optimization that will have maximum impact.

So, is SEO Dead?

Yes and no. Content marketing has taken over and there is no doubt that SEO is significantly different than it was only a few years ago. While some of the SEO tactics that were used in the past are dead, but there are still many tactics that are relevant and a key part of on page optimization and content marketing.

About the Author

Nolan Wilson is a Freelance writer in Toronto that specializes in SEO writing and blogging. He has a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science and is a professional member of the PWAC. Connect with him on Google + and Twitter

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