The Freelance Model Works!

The way business is being conducted is shifting. Rather than focusing on hiring new talent internally, more and more companies are looking for more cost effective and flexible working arrangements. This is why we are seeing a shift towards a more decentralized economy and an increase in freelance writers and professionals in Toronto and across Ontario.

A Toronto Freelancer gives companies the ability to utilize their skills without the costs associated with hiring and training a new employee. You can use a freelance writer for a project, on a contract, long term agreement, or on a per need basis.

15 Reasons to Hire a Toronto Freelance Writer

1. Flexibility: Working with a freelancer provides you with flexibility. You can work out an agreement that meets your specific needs, whether it is on a per project, contract, or long term basis.

2. Personalized Service: Freelancer writers offer more personalized and detailed services than agencies. You deal with one person for everything. No agency protocols. All you have to do is pick up the phone if you want to discuss something with the writer about a project.

3. Diverse Experience: Experienced freelancer writers draw from their diverse writing experience to create the website content, articles, and copy that you require.

4. Better Rates: Freelance writers offer better rates because of the flexibility they offer in terms of working arrangements. They are a more cost effective option when compared to hiring because you don’t have to spend money and resources on the hiring process, training, benefits, and the cost of continuously employing someone.

5. Long Term Working Arrangements: Freelancer writers want to build a long term relationship with your company. This doesn’t mean they want full time work. They just want to build an effective ongoing relationship where you can call them when you need a writing project completed.

6. New Insights/Perspective: Freelancers are able to provide new insights and a fresh perspective on internal processes, projects, and tasks. A new set of eyes is beneficial.

7. Freelancers meet Project Deadlines: Deadlines are met when using freelancers because they are focused on customer satisfaction and building long term relationships with your company. In this sense, meeting a deadline is more important to a freelancer than it is to an employee of your company because they know future business is on the line.

8. Budget Flexibility: Since freelancers provide flexibility, they can fit within your project budget. You can work out a service agreement based on a specific budget number.

9. Diverse Skills: Freelance writers bring other skills to the table. Many are often well versed with competitor research, social media, internet marketing, information analysis, SEO, blogging, consulting, and web development.

10. Freelancers Writers can be used in Multiple Roles/Projects: Freelance writers can be used for multiple projects within your organization. Various departments can use a freelance writer for separate projects and they can be used in many different roles within your company.

11. Quality and Expertise: Since writing is our speciality Toronto freelancers provide high quality results. Assigning writing project internally can be a risk. The odds are that most of your employees are not expert writers, so quality is a concern. Freelancers provide you with the high quality writing and in less time than if it was completed internally.

12. Freelancers Want Your Business: Freelance writers want your business. And, because of this they will go the extra mile to make sure that we meet your expectations from both a quality and customer service perspective.

13. Focus: Freelance writers focus on the project at hand. They are not worried about other things going on in your company. Their focus is on providing high quality writing and meeting your project expectations.

14. Project Control: Hiring a freelance writer gives you a single point of contact of all project inquires. No more running around trying to find out which employees are working on the different tasks of a project.

15. Consistent Results: Freelancers provide consistent writing. We write in a consistent voice, style and tone. Your content will not be a patch work job done by multiple people in your company.

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